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Choose any Examen to begin your Interaction with God. Each Examen is what you make it. You can go as fast or slow as you would like, journal or not journal, and complete as many as you desire in a day.

Scripture Examens

The goal of the Scripture Examen is to meditate on the Word of God with the goal of life-obedience. Use this ancient devotional practice to read, meditate, pray-through, and align your life to a particular passage.

Gospel Examen

An Examen of a Gospel passage.
Today's Passage: Luke 16:1-9
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New Testament Examen

An Examen of a New Testament passage.
Today's Passage: James 1:1- 15
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Old Testament Examen

An Examen of an Old Testament passage.
Today's Passage: Joel 2:28- 3:8
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Psalm Examen

An Examen of a passage from the Psalms.
Today's Passage: Ps. 66, 67
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Prayer Examens

Prayer of Examen

The Prayer of Examen allows you to reflect and recall your day while examining how you live life in the presence of the Lord. By slowing down and examining your day, the Lord has the opportunity to reveal to you specific areas where you are and are not living in His presence.
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Center Out Prayer

Begin by praying for yourself and end with the world. The Center Out Examen will guide you to pray through all the relationships and events of your life.
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